SafeConsume is a H2020 research and innovation action aiming to help European consumers to avoid foodborne illness. During the 66-month period, the most risky consumer kitchen practices were identified and new strategies for reducing risk developed. To improve people’s knowledge and skills, educational materials for teenagers and a food safety game were developed and scientifically proven for changing behaviour. Aiming to make it easier to prepare and store food safely, prototype tools for cooling food, maintaining hygiene, washing vegetables, and measuring remaining shelf life were created and tested. For improved food safety policy, a self-evaluation tool for risk communication and recommendations for a policy balancing safety and environmental concern were developed. The project results were produced using a trans-disciplinary approach involving experts from different disciplines and with user-involvement to ensure impact. The risk-mitigation strategies are backed up by 53 scientific papers. The project got broad media coverage with the five most covered results being published through 715 media pieces across the world, including high-impact media such as CNN and New York Times.