Work packageLed byCountryContact

1: Characterization of consumer behavior and barriers

Silje Elisabeth Skuland at SIFO


2: Effect of consumer behavior on foodborne microbial hazards and evaluation of monitoring methods used by consumers to measure safety and performances

Paula Teixeira at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP)


3: Survey based HACCP and probabilistic risk assessment

Joachim Scholderer at University of Zürich (UZH)


4: Design of tools, products and technologies for mitigating risks

Bob Crawford at C-Tech Innovation (CTEC)

United Kingdom

5: Communication strategies for risk mitigation

Nina Veflen Olsen at Nofima


6: Development of educational programmes for mitigating risks

Vicky Young at Public Health England (DH PHE)

United Kingdom

7: Development of policy models for mitigating risks

Gyula Kasza at National Food Chain Safety Office (NFCSO)


8: Dissemination and implementation actions risks

Anca Nicolau at University of Galati (UGAL)


9: Project Management

Solveig Langsrud at Nofima