Across 2019, SafeConsume’s advice was available in Romanian, one of the national languages of the consortium, due to publication in a magazine entitled Medical Milestones (Repere medicale), which appears monthly in the South-Eastern part of Romania, both on paper and online and is distributed freely in three counties: Galati, Braila and Vrancea.

Thus, Romanian consumers were informed about Listeria monocytogenes and how to avoid listeriosis, how to implement safety rules when pick-nicking and barbequing, why is not recommended to wash poultry meat, what is the relationship between food safety and self-care, how they can participate in celebration of World Food Safety Day, why not trusting senses when comes to food safety.

We hope that next year the example of the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering from Dunarea de Jos Univesity of Galati, one of the 32 members of SafeConsume, to be followed by other partners to the benefit of European consumers.