Non-authority stakeholders of the food chain: Please answer our survey

Through a previously conducted survey with food safety authorities on the EU level, SafeConsume identified many non-governmental organizations as important collaborators regarding risk communication in the field of food safety. As an interdisciplinary team of partners being involved in SafeConsume, we believe that it is important to consider the role of non-authority actors as they can provide valuable input for a multidisciplinary risk communication policy framework and hence strengthen public participation.

The following questionnaire aims at analysing public participation in risk communication for mitigating risks across non-authority organizations in European countries. The survey covers different areas within this topic, e.g.: collaborations between organisations, risk communication with consumers etc.

Please fill out the survey!

The questionnaire is available at until February of 2020. By filling in the questionnaire, all participants will contribute to the development of a policy model that helps to mitigate risks of foodborne illnesses on a European level.

In case further information is needed regarding the survey, please contact Joachim Scholderer ([email protected]), Teresa Mylord ([email protected]) or Gyula Kasza ([email protected]).