As declared by its editor, the aim of the report is to contribute to an in-depth, detailed, empirical and nuanced analysis of how food is handled in everyday life in five European countries: France, Norway, Portugal, Romania and the UK. The first chapters (Part 1) describe the food cultural difference and food safety variation between the five countries, theories of practices that underpin the study and the transdisciplinary methods employed for studying shopping, transportation, storage and cooking a meal with chicken and raw vegetables in 75 European households. The first empirical chapters (Part 2) introduce the households in this study (chapter 2.1), discuss the everyday food life the households (chapter 2.2) and describe food anxieties and experiences with foodborne illnesses (chapter 2.3). Part 3 concentrates on food procuring and organising practices in the households and includes three empirical discussions of shopping (chapter 3.1), transportation (chapter 3.2) and storage (chapter 3.3). Part 4 discusses food preparation and comprises five chapters discussing the order of cooking (chapter 4.1), chicken preparation (chapter 4.2), vegetable preparation (chapter 4.3), determining doneness (chapter 4.4) and washing hands (chapter 4.5). Finally, Part 5 discusses the main findings in the report and suggests further research steps.

The report is the outcome of the teamwork effort made by sociologists, anthropologists, food microbiologists and food safety experts from the institutions involved in the SafeConsume project.

The Report’s editor is Silje Elisabeth Skuland, sociologist at Oslo Metropolitan University, researcher at SIFO and leader of WP1 in the SafeConsume project, and the authors, presented in alphabetical order, are: Daniela Borda (UGAL), Pierrine Didier (INRAE), Loredana Dumitraşcu (UGAL), Vânia Ferreira (UCP), Mike Foden (KEEL), Solveig Langsrud (NOFIMA), Isabelle Maître (ESA), Lydia Martens (KEEL), Trond Møretrø (NOFIMA), Christophe Nguyen-The (INRAE), Anca Ioana Nicolau (UGAL), Cristina Nunes (UCP), Thea Grav Rosenberg (OsloMet, SIFO), Silje Elisabeth Skuland (OsloMet, SIFO), Helene Maria Fiane Teigen (OsloMet), Paula Teixeira (UCP), and Monica Truninger (ISCUL).

The report is available at