We are currently fighting together against coronavirus but we have to not forget that we have some other invisible enemies too.

Some of them could land in our kitchens via food, some others via our hands or our pets.

Even if they have pretty names like Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Toxoplasma and Norovirus and look nice under the microscope, we do not want them in our kitchens and in our food.

So, how many battles we have to fight against invisible enemies around us?

We cannot say a number but we can say that some of the weapons used against coronavirus are similar to those used against foodborne pathogens and a very effective one is washing hands (https://www.facebook.com/1878444125744099/posts/2542248239363681/?d=n).

Some battles you have to fight alone, but when it comes to health you are not alone. Put your trust in the specialists involved in the SafeConsume project as they are front line professionals and follow their advice to win the battle against pathogens either foodborne, waterborne or airborne!

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