Recent analyses from WHO estimate that bacteria, parasites, toxins and allergens in food account for about 23 million cases of illness and 5,000 deaths in Europe every year. Hence, there is a need for new strategies for the scientific community, authorities and the market to help consumers mitigate food risks.

Food safety authorities play a crucial role as they have a high reach and through adequate risk communication strategies affect consumer behaviours towards risks. As a part of SafeConsume project, a questionnaire has been developed with the aim of analyzing policy models for mitigating risks across food safety authorities in European countries.

The survey targets governmental bodies having responsibilities related to food safety risk analysis and covers different areas within the food safety authority sector (e.g.: risk communication, risk assessment, risk management etc.).

Please fill out the survey

The questionnaire is available at until November of 2018. By filling in the questionnaire the participants will contribute to the development of a policy model that helps to mitigate risks of foodborne illnesses on a European level.

In case of need for further information about the survey you are welcome to contact Joachim Scholderer ([email protected]), Teresa Mylord ([email protected]) or Gyula Kasza ([email protected]).