Food safety at home is a natural first step in a self-caring culture. Self-Care Week Europe integrated SafeConsume tools in the November 2020 campaign.

The culture of food is inherently a caring one. Balancing nutritution, flavours, experiences, and more, a food culture has always been about taking care. In the Self-Care Week Europe (or SCwE), making sure to highlight food safety at home was therefore a given. The SCwE week connected some 50 organizations, institutions, and projects across Europe to share and connect on good tools and advice for self-care. And while a lot of self-care connects to issues like sleep, mental health or exercise, elements like vaccination, hand hygiene, or food safety was also at the core of a week of - in a 2020 compliant way - mostly digital activities.

Especially food safety is an extremely useful topic to include, because the culture of food is also an everyday activity (and often connected to a lot of joyful moments). So, it was especially useful across Europe to be able to share the SafeConsume materials - including the engaging Recip-e-book - and thus enable families to connect and reflect.

Another very important element of SCwE is the intersectional sharing. As reinventions of the wheel (or simply no actions) can often be the result of a lack of sharing of materials and solutions across sectors, borders, and professions, being able to show in practice what different organizations are doing - and how - is vital component, that helps further boost self-care and self-care initiatives. As SafeConsume builds further tools (especially the upcoming myth busting materials), the SCwE 2021 will look forward to share these also - people are always eager to cook and care.

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