Since consumer behavior is both a core problem and solution, SafeConsume will map food-handling behaviors in all regions of Europe, documented by large web-based studies, and in-depth investigations. The data will include the general population as well as typically vulnerable groups such as pregnant women and the increasing population of elderly.

A pan-European overview of consumer behaviours will be made by collecting risk-based behavioral data from households in five European countries. This will be done through observation, interviews and sampling during five critical stages of food handling from retail to consumption, and combining this with data from the literature.

SafeConsume will provide

A: Tools and products

Design and evaluate market uptake of convenient scientifically proven kitchen supplies and sensors (such as kitchen designs for less cross-contamination, storage solutions etc.) that will stimulate safe practices.

B: Effective food safety communication

Key messages stimulating uptake of risk mitigating tolls and food safety information. Provide evidence-based advice for how to communicate food safety and risk in education and policy programs.

C: Educational programs/health care guidelines

Increase awareness, knowledge and practical skills of consumers from a young age. Use classroom materials to take important messages home to families.

D: Policy strategies

For effective knowledge sharing and actions in networks of authorities, consumers and relevant stakeholders.